The Living Deads / Big Red Rawkit Riot / Siouxer Rats / Dead Ringers

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The Living Deads take Do-It-Yourself to a new level. From living full time in their RV, designing and printing their own t-shirts, to booking their own tours, this band takes it all upon themselves and they are still ready for more

Randee McKnight on drums/vocals, and Symphony Tidwell on upright bass/vocals are fueled by late nights, risky behavior, and truck stop snacks.

Formed under the light of a full moon, the band observes and take notes on the human condition in dimly-lit parking lots- "life through the windshield" as they like to call it.

With a tank half empty and hearts full of rage, they'll be showing up soon in a town near you....

Big Red Rawkit Riot - Sioux Falls, S.D. rockabilly

Siouxer Rats - Sioux City Punkabilly

Dead Ringers - remember Buck Naked & the Bare Bottom Boys will Dave 'Stinky' Wees moved back and he's playing his first show with his new band including Bob Garfield

music starts at 9pm


always 21+

Brothers Lounge

(402) 558-4096

Brothers Lounge has long been known as one of the BEST neighborhood bars in town. Their all punk / underground jukebox captures music...