The Midnight Devils

Sarah Cooper 961 views

The Midnight Devils is an acoustic Rock N Roll duo featuring Sam Spade, Sniper, and Jeremy "The Playboy" from the Omaha, NE band 3D In Your Face.

Embarking on their third Midwestern tour, The Midnight Devils are bringing high energy, in-your-face rock n roll back to the people that truly deserve it. The band featuring Sam Spade and Sniper from 3D In Your Face will be touring in support of their latest album Lost in the Volume which was released on May 20th 2016. These big haired bad boys are coming in hot with a unique sound that combines classic 80's hair metal with that punk rock attitude and plenty of big catchy choruses to sing along to. It's like putting on your favorite leather jacket and those skin tight jeans for a night no one will forget. Plain and simple The Midnight Devils are from-the-heart-and-soul Nebraska boys that have come to play some dirty rock n roll.