The Midnight Devils Tour Homecoming Show

Sam Morris 511 views

The glam slam boogie woogie rock n roll bad boys are back home sweet home for one night only. Over 50 shows, 1,000's of miles, and one of the wildest rock n roll parties culminates this Saturday, Nov 25th at The Bourbon Saloon. Get ready for a big haired-in your face-over the top show down as The Midnight Devils team up with Omaha party punks The Shidiots and Social Distortion Tribute Band, Somewhere Between Heaven and. It doesn't get any bigger then this.

Featuring members of the long running 80's hair band 3D In Your Face, The Midnight Devils deliver a unique high energy style of rock n roll that combines the look and feel of Motley Crue with the boogie woogie of Elvis Presley.

Bourbon Saloon

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