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The North Fork is a Omaha and Lawrence based progressive folk rock band started in February of 2013. The band has gone through numerous changes in instrumentation, band personal, and sound--including the shift from being originally all acoustic to now having rock instrumentation. The music is written by the sole remaining original member, Cole Jeffrey (Vocals, guitar), and supported by: Marty Mootz (lead guitar), Mario Vlasic (bass, backup vocals), Alex Thiessen (drums), and Kolby Koczanowski (vibraphone, percussion). The North Fork released it's debut album "Highlands" on December 11th of 2014. The album is a blend of many genres, with bits of: folk, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, and jam. The result is a sound with peaks and valleys. The album can be found on the Facebook page, or at The North Fork released its second studio album in August of 2015, titled "Oxbow Farm." The album is a collection of songs ranging from Americana/folk inspiration to rootsy jam rock to eastern music influence. It can be found here:

Starting out with Adam Houghtelling on acoustic guitar and vocals and Benjamin Baker on electric bass, Ragged Company has been dong their thing around the region for a while now.

In 2015, Ragged found a beautiful spark and rebirth with the addition of some talented musicians joining the band. The addition of George Prescott on banjo and dobro, Brandon Webber on mandolin and Ethan Sacco on drums along with Kristen Taylor's vocal harmonies have transformed the band tremendously.

Ragged Company just released a new album, 'Brave Mountain Spirit', which is a collection of 11 songs that the band has been fine tuning for the past few years.

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