The Nuclear Bees

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The Nuclear Bees

24 Hour Cardlock

March 13 8:00 pm $5

The Nuclear Bees are a group of musicians from Blair, Ne. Playing together for nearly 2 decades, they have created a very unique and energizing positive vibe in their music. They like to call their style "adult pop rock/ alternative pop rock." The members have many influences including REM, the Cult, U2, The Beatles, Kiss, Gin Blossoms, Eric Clapton and Pink Floyd. This diverse collection of influences help to create a melting pot of original sounds.

The band is currently promoting their 4th release titled "Through it All". Drummer Thomas "FB" Andreasen has been pounding out beats and creating music since his elementary schools days. His powerful but technical beats are the driving force behind the music. John Hiers has developed a style of writing over 20 years. This passionate work has led to bass lines that carry a serious groove and create the backbone of the Bees sound. Tom Sorensen plays guitars and keys, respectively, depending on the vibe of each song. He is the scientist of each song, mixing in unique riffs and sounds to each track. Ron Sorensen brings vocals and guitars to the mix. Melodic vocals and harmonies and catchy riffs bring the"pop" to the rock and roll created with the band. With the wide range of influences and playing styles brought to the group by each member, a unique, catchy, and meaningful collaboration brings to life the music. A very optimistic, sprightly, vivacious message is then delivered through the songs.

The Bees are currently promoting the album throughout the midwest with dates scheduled from Omaha, Ne to Okoboji, Ia. The shows hope to build on the energy of their previous three releases; Outta the hive, Stung, and God Shave the Queen.

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