The Toppings with Sound Sweepers & NVXO | The DU

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The Toppings - Jazz/Funk/Folk/Punk/Blues

SoundSweepers - Soulful indie-rock from Milwaukee


Hailing from San Francisco, California, Nouveau-Expo brings listeners a quirky blend of indie-rock music. Alexander Fostar (guitar, violin, bass, vocals) and Kayleigh Mack (keyboard, tambourine, vocals) met while in production for a musical theater piece at the University of San Francisco, and their musical chemistry and compatibility developed instantly. The duo's release of These Woods, the band's first LP, gave a distinct sound that left listeners wanting more. With dueling vocals and on point beats, the guitar and piano blends complement their sound and bring it full circle. Through lyrics that touch a dozen landscapes, Nouveau-Expo's songwriting remains modern with an appreciation for its influences. With comparisons often drawn to Vampire Weekend and Arcade Fire, Nouveau-Expo hopes to continue a rigorous touring schedule to allow more fans to enjoy their music.

Down Under Lounge and Side Door Stage


With new ownership and a new look The Down Under is a great nieghborhood bar in Midtown. Great prices, a good selction and fosebal...