The Transcendentals w/ Pistachio (Oakland, CA)

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The Transcendentals are an Omaha-based group of musicians and singers who believe in the power of reggae music to help make the world a better place! The Transcendentals derives their name from both "a state of being", as well as transcendental numerology (I.e. Pi)...of which only our flute player understands :). We want to bring roots reggae, modern and old school dub, as well as a sprinkling of soul back to live music in and around the Omaha area.

Transmission from Pistachion 5:

Year 357 of the Pistachion bi-solar calendar. The planet, once the grooviest destination in the Anacardia system, has descended into turmoil. With indigenous music wells running dry, a groove famine like no other ravages the countryside. Starved of rhythm, forced to subsist on state-rationed backbeats, the jaded population takes to the streets. The people demand their basic Nutinoid rights be recognized. The people demand grooves.

The high priests of the Pistachion temple devise a top-secret plan to restore peace. Elite Pistachion squads will disperse to the far reaches of deep space. Their mission? To find and appropriate the nuttiest grooves in the galaxy. They will face unimaginable hardships, they will risk nut and shell beyond the baths of distant stars, but fate of the very planet rests upon their shoulders.

The solar schooner Groove Finder 3 relays a transmission from a small, uncharted system. The ship's groove-radar has detected astronomical levels of Class-4 grooves, or, those invoked by sentient beings. Nutcom gives the order to proceed towards the source of this signal: a small blue planet close to the system's single sun. The ship sets a course for the planet but, shortly thereafter, its radio signal goes dead.

The remains of the Groove Finder 3 lie smoldering in an impact crater, but three survivors crawl to safety. Shipwrecked and hopelessly far from home, the noble Pistachions agree to continue with their mission. They will scour every inch of this Nut-god-forsaken rock. Somewhere out there hides the key to their survival. Someone, or something, out there knows the grooves that will save us all.

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