The Ultimate Blind Bourbon Tasting!

Sarah Cooper 685 views

We challenge you to reconsider what you think you know about your taste in Bourbon!

Are there certain brands you know "have to be good" because they're in high demand? Are there certain brands you "just won't drink"? We want to explore whether our preconceived impressions about certain Bourbons hold up when we evaluate them purely based on taste, without the bias of brand image and hype.

Join us on Sunday, April 30th at 6:30 as we taste 7 Bourbons "blind" to learn about what we truly enjoy without preconceived notions. The cost of the tasting is $60 per person, with $10 of your ticket price going back towards your purchase of any products in the store. Guests will receive a complimentary cocktail when you arrive, then our guest presenters Brett Atlas and Andy Ruback will guide us through a blind tasting of bourbons, some of which you are likely familiar with and some of which may surprise you. We'll discuss each whiskey and reveal what you sampled at the end. We'll have a few tricks and surprises up our sleeve to make it a fun and memorable evening!

We hope you can join us, and bring a friend! To reserve your seat, click the ticket link below, or stop in to Spirit World.

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