The Vahnevants ~ Haunted Gauntlet ~ Wolf Dealer ~ Afghan Hounds

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21+ $5

The Vahnevants: Des Moines. garage/basement rock

Haunted Gauntlet: (Producer behind M34N STR33T/ex-Oh Possum) beat maker, instrumentalist, producer & visual artist. 515/402

Wolf Dealer: Thee Wolf Salesman were Omaha's premier rock'n'roll band in the late 1990's. While on a Southern leg of one of their many coast-to-coast treks, their beloved Dodge van burst into flames. All their equipment along with their handsome drummer, Handsome Marc, was lost in the blaze. After spending 20 years saving their money for new gear, and realizing that "Dealer" is a way cooler way to say Salesman, the boys are back in town.

Afghan Hounds: Solo project of Lineman's Rodeo

O'Leaver's Pub

(402) 556-1238

Booze, Tunes and Volleyball. OLeavers has it all. HAPPY HOUR SPECIAL Mon-Fri 4-8pm: $1 pints of PBR HOUSE SPECIALS (All The Time): $1.50...