The Verdict Goes GAGA!

James Kaup 718 views

It's been a long time since she came around....been a long time but she's back in town! Everything is GAGA at The Verdict Bar & Grill, Saturday night, August 19, 2017. Midnight Prizes for best GAGA karaoke performance and best GAGA costume. Show your 2017 Omaha GAGA concert ticket and receive 10% off your bill. Doors open at 4pm and karaoke starts at 10pm til 2am. Get your GAGA on Omaha and come visit everyone at The Verdict Bar & Grill. Could the Lady herself pay a visit? ...anything is possible at The Verdict Bar & Grill.

The Verdict


​​THE VERDICT AN URBAN BAR AND GRILL OMAHA, Nebraska - The Verdict Bar & Grill will open its doors Friday, June...