The Wood Notes Album Release with Let's Play Monsters and Soul Tree

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The Wood Notes would cordially like to extend to you an invitation to celebrate the release of their first album at The Down Under Lounge with The Side Door Stage.

We will have physical copies available for purchase at the show, or contact us.

Available online on ITunes, Spotify, band camp, YouTube and more upon release.

The Wood Notes will leave you wondering what you ever did before they existed. The soaring riffs combined with the insanely tight and technical rhythms and beats, produce sounds that anyone and everyone will enjoy. They combine in your face progressive rock with classic sounding vibes that evolve into jams that induce thoughts of galactic wonderment. Oh and let's not forget the guitar solos that melt your face. Their goofy natured humor seeps into their live sets, adding another aspect which makes their shows some of the best around.

Let's Play Monsters is a looking to bring a new and unique experience to Omaha's soundscape. The group draws influence from various genres including indie, alternative, pop, electronic, folk and good ol' fashioned rock and roll. Every song brings its own distinct sound, begging to be heard.

Soul Tree is a funky and bluesy group that is sure to make you get up and shake your rump. The soulful vocals, groovy rhythms, and obvious love for what they do are sure to swoon you into ecstasy.

Down Under Lounge and Side Door Stage


With new ownership and a new look The Down Under is a great nieghborhood bar in Midtown. Great prices, a good selction and fosebal...