The Wood Notes / CurseWord / the Fat Timmys

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The Wood Notes - The Wood Notes are a rock folk acid jam band from Omaha, Nebraska. They will release their first album in early 2017. With influences ranging all styles of music, these cats like to mix a bit of a musical journey with some catchy pop sensibilities. Sing along, zone out, dance a bit. It all fits.

CurseWord - (Punk/Alternative/Folk/Pop/Hip-Hop, Des Moines, IA)

Spawning from the raw yet consistently relateable songwriting of singer/guitarist - Devin, the eccentrically diverse yet accurate rhythmic landscapes of longtime musical partner Michael Phillips and the eccentric energy Michael David brings to any project, Curseword is an intense ride through the complex rhythms, drastic dynamics and visceral lyricism of their ever catchy, melodic (yet intense) take on punk and hardcore punk music. Inspired by Love and Adventure, Heartbreak, anger and pain, Curseword's songs are raw, drastic and relentlessly honest. Ranging from (punk influenced) country to hip-hop, salsa to alt rock, they have been described as a combination of Flipper and The Dead Milkmen by one fan, and The Pixies meets 7seconds by another. Their fast-paced yet sing-along style of simple yet tight electric rock is sure to do two things: make you feel something unapologetically human, and get stuck in your head for an indefinite amount of time.

The Fat Timmys - pop/punk/punk rock from Omaha!

$5 - 18+ - 9 PM

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