TheAfter, LLC Presents: The Art of Wine

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TheAfter, LLC Presents: The Art of Wine

We have curated a spectular evening full of exceptional wines and stunning art works. This event will help to sponsor our efforts to help the artist community in Omaha.

We are extremely excited to be hosting our first wine tasting and art collaborative event. Join us as we will explore the beautiful balance of wine and contemporary art work.

Our partner House of Loom will be our official sponsor for TheAfter, LLC Presents: The Art of Wine! As an added bonus House of Loom's 5-Year Anniversary! is now the official post-party! Use you 'Art of Wine' ticket to receive free entrance into House of Loom's 5-Year Anniversary!

We have a list of curated artist that will be showing art at this event.

►Artist TBA

Here's how the night will go:

06:10pm Opening Remarks

06:20pm Musical Performances

►Edem Soul Music

►Clark and Company


06:30pm Wine Tasting!

►12 Signature Wines

►Hor' Dourves

08:45pm Closing Remarks

►Open Bar until 10:30pm

►Open Dancing until 11pm

Cocktail Attire

Ticket Price: $75

Must be 21+

Learn more about TheAfter, LLC:

TheAfter, LLC is a group of artist and brand managers. We strive to help local artist and small businesses to enhance and expand their brands. We hope that our work will bring new life to the arts in Omaha.

Artist Management Program:

Many artist are in need of assistance when managing their career. A lot of artists in our community lack some skills that are essential for their success. They may lack experience in marketing, product development, electronic commerce or other skills. In order to be an aid to artist TheAfter, LLC is offering an artist management program. Our team is experienced in artist management and is devoted to helping local artist to turn their products into a revenue stream. Our program addresses the needs of local producers:

1. Creating living wage opportunities, promoting the artists and their work, and helping to facilitate financial self-sufficiency

2. Support cultural education and diversity in our community

Artist who also endeavor to be entrepreneurs are invited to participate in a program that will cater to their individual needs.

Our Story

The After is a company that is centered around the arts. In 2015 a few friends got together to create something that would influence our community in every sense. As youths in today's society, we understand that we need to strive be role models and also that we need to impact our community in a positive way to become successful. We chose to inspire our generation positively through the world of art. With so many ideas coming to the table, we struggled with finding a way for them to be presented effectively. As a team, we knew we wanted to support our community and boost the local economy. So we created The After to help those around build/mold their love for the arts and realize the true beauties and gifts this world beholds.

Our Mission: "Artist Helping Artist"

We have recognized that people are what they consume (eat, watch, buy). Therefore, The After wants to help individuals get more out of life by exposing them to what our community has to offer in the world of performing, music, fashion, cuisine, design, and many other forms of art. We will create a platform for artists to sell and showcase their work. When we create a program that generates a revenue stream for artists we in turn are expanding the job market and boosting our local economy. Since our team is made up of all artist we feel the need to give our best to the artist we're working with.

We sponsor a local artist art our pop-up art booth named "Local Gems". We recently participated in 'Loom Weave Joslyn, 2016'

Our Vision: "Artonomy"

Art and economics could be great friends. The After's vision is to support our community by educating them on art and culture. Helping members of the community become financially self-sufficient through community engagement and by adhering to our core values.

Core Values

Economic Growth: By connecting producers to the consumer we create a revenue stream for the producer. Thus we succeed in helping our community become financially stable.

Cultural Education: We want to educate our community on many different cultures through art, music, cuisine, fashion design, and much more!

Supporting TheAfter, LLC is supporting the future of art in Omaha!

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