Tiese Streetz "TAKEOVA" Mixtape Release Party at Vega

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Tiese Streetz "TAKEOVA" Mixtape Release Party at Vega 1/2

Hosted by Justin McAfee w/ DJ DLuv

9PM | 21+ | $5 ADVANCE $7 DOOR

Get tickets: http://ticketf.ly/1Q77ahw

Duane Martiese Jordan, known as Tiese Streetz was born January 28th, in Lincoln Nebraska. Since the age of thirteen Tiese Streetz was influenced by many and had a strong passion for rap music. Throughout his music career Tiese Streetz idolized Tupac, Lil Wayne, Big Smalls, Drake, and Jay Z. As he developed a name for himself through out the years he formally engaged with other Lincoln rap Talent. Rappers like Brandon Judson, a.k.a. B Rella Da Judge, Andrew Ford a.k.a. Nutzo Da Paperboy, and Melvin Hughes, a.k.a. Swaggah McD. After establishing a friendship between the other rap talent they formed a team called "Mean Swag." Lauching their debut mixtape called, "Swag Flu" in the summer of 2010 the team got a lot of unexpected feedback and popularity within the town of Lincoln.

Tiese Streetz, a relentless, competitive, and influenced by speaking the truth in his raps. Rapping about the events he lived throughout his life. From his experiences he molds his thoughts and feelings into his lyrics to show what great of a passion he holds for love of music and what he does with his own music. Tiese Streetz recently has been prefecting his craft in writing songs and exposing local show cases. He has been putting alot of hard work and effort into making his two new Mixtapes "Streetz Life" and "UC" (Under Contruction). Both in which will be released soon.

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