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TKO releases his 3rd album Punishercourtesy of Blu Boi Muusic. TKO has been on the Omaha music scene for 2 years and quickly established himself as one of the premiere artists in the city. Off the grid for a decade crafting his style to perfection, TKO emerged on the scene in the summer of 2013 and quickly linked with Smurph Muusic's Blu Boi Muusic group. Since then TKO has released 2 albums (TKOmaha & GENEius) and a mixtape (God King) to critical acclaim. He began to book and promote his own shows creating great professional connections with Omaha's best venue owners to assist the incredible talent in the city by providing a bigger platform for the artists to showcase their art. Various websites, social media outlets, newspaper and radio stations have embraced and acknowledged TKO as a driving force in Omaha's growing hip hop community. A hip hop fans since the mid 90's TKO is set to deliver his finest achievement in Punisher with a release party at the Slowdown you do not want to miss.

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HISTORY Slowdown began as an idea to start a rock club in the fall of 2000. And a fairly simple idea at that. After living in...