Township & Range EP Release at Reverb Lounge

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Township & Range EP Release

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Doors at 8pm

Township & Range is best described as "rural music," as it is deeply influenced and informed by old-time country, folk, bluegrass, honky-tonk, blues, and rockabilly. The project's name comes from the fact that many of the songs focus on local color and geography filtered through a personal lens.

After playing in numerous, notable Omaha bands since 1992, Travis Linn decided to strike out on his own with a solo act in 2013. He is often joined on stage by other musicians who share rural and small-town roots. The ensemble version of Township & Range includes: Kate Williams (accordion, vocals), Steve Vincik (acoustic guitar, vocals), and Corey Stroud (doghouse bass, vocals).

The new EP, "Nashville Unincorporated," is the second for Township & Range. It differs in tone from the 2015 debut EP "Dust On Our Boots." While the first EP leaned towards the folky, minor-key aspects of the group, the latest release features a more driving, major-key sound. The songs of "Nashville Unincorporated" touch on classic motifs: unrequited love, divorce, drinking, and dysfunction.

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