Toychestral Electro Pop w/Alexa Dexa :: Free Show!

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A NYC hoarder of toy instruments, Alexa Dexa is stopping through on her tour to show us why she "has a small piano, but a big heart." Also she invented her own genre of music charmily named "toychestral electronic pop." That sounds pretty legit.

► Music starts right at 8pm

► No cover!

► Sample the sounds:


☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Alexa Dexa Bio ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆


Alexa Dexa is a singer/songwriter and visual artist rooted in the process of reflection. Her music blends edgy vocals, poignant lyrics with catchy hooks, haunting melodies, and dance-worthy beats. (Not to mention a collection of toy instruments that would put many playpens to shame, such as toy pianos, pitched desk bells, and a typatune.) There is a striking duality between the mature content of Alexa Dexa's songs and the child-like whimsy that they render. She exhibits pure devotion to evocative tunes and unconventional performance.

Described as a soulful girl with bells and bubbles, Alexa embodies a freedom of spirit and devotes herself to the formation of evocative tunes and unconventional performance. There is a striking duality between the innate childish affability of her toys and the maturity of her lyrical content and compositional means. She finds a place of unconditioned wonder to weave into songs touching on a range of subjects from heartache to physics. With her fanciful stage presence and occasional accompanying art installations, Alexa creates ethereal atmospheres that melt away the edges of perception.

An adventurer at heart, Alexa has journeyed on seven DIY tours and has a multitude of tour itineraries in the works for the future. By compacting her toychestra with concise musical necessity in mind, Alexa is able to traverse the map with ease during her extended months of touring. With a 40 liter Deuter backpack, 7 of her desk bells, an alarm clock, her smallest 18-key Schoenhut baby grand toy piano and an iPhone housing her beats, Alexa migrates throughout the United States and Europe favoring use of public transportation. Alexa handles all of her own booking and tour planning.

A graduate of Berklee College of Music (2011), member of the Schoenhut Artist Roster, and volunteer artist for Sing for Hope, Alexa consistently receives praise for her originality and musical prowess. She was awarded the 2015 Creative Individuals Grant from the New York State Council on the Arts for her album "Year of Abandon" and a 2014 Puffin Foundation grant for her album "Whale Bones and the Boundary of a Fish". Alexa's festival appearances include the Florida International Toy Piano Festival (2016), Burning Man (2015), Fusion Festival (2014) on a former Russian military airfield in Germany, the UnCaged Toy Piano Festival (2013) in NYC curated by toy piano legends Margaret Leng Tan and Phyllis Chen, Detroit's Sidewalk Festival of Performing Arts (2013-2015) for which Alexa created and performed with site-specific sound installations including her Living Sound Library, and Make Music New York (2010-2015), for which Alexa composed and organized mass appeal performances for toy piano and theremini. Her past projects include taking on the capacity of Sound Designer for the Off-Off-Broadway production of "Someone's Trying to Kill Me" at NYC's HERE theater (2011).

Rawhide Records is Alexa Dexa's humble recording studio on Long Island. It is where she records all of her albums, as well as the albums of other musicians for whom she acts as an audio engineer and producer. Her beat-making workstation also resides there. With the aid of her little oxygen 8 keyboard, Alexa architects aural surroundings using Digital Performer, Logic, Reason, & sample libraries from Native Instruments. Contact Alexa to book studio time or inquire about purchasing a custom beat.

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