Urban Voize Winter Festival

Gerald Glaza 989 views

Huge update! We're still working out the details, but this event will be one for the books.

This event will stand as our December workshop. Nearly every artist that has featured in an event this year will be back to mediate our discussion on Rhythm. We'll also have a vendor fair featuring some of the many community leaders serving the people.

For those parents with young children, we'll be having our very first youth showcase. Showcasing school aged performers.

Finally, we'll finish the night off with a one of a kind concert event featuring various artists representing a variety of musical genres.

This will be our goodbye to 2017. We'd like to share this farewell with the city and invite everyone to come enjoy this festive event with us! We have many more exciting updates to share so stay tuned!

The Side Room

400 capacity room is the premier spot for concerts, weddings, corporate gatherings and tailgating before main arena events