VariousArtists 5 year anniversary

Jacob Christoffersen 35 views

Hey party people!

5 summers ago, Zachary Tiller and Mike Ekoh joined forces to form what was to become VariousArtists. 

After all this time, rockin' some of the finest House and Techno jams around at clubs, campsites, and everywhere in between, they're still going strong, are as enthusiastic as ever, and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

So please join us on Saturday, September 12th at Bar 415 to celebrate 5 years of music and memories with VariousArtists.

VariousArtists - OSU / TechnOmaha

You ♥ Music. We ♥ You!

Bar 415

(402) 346-7455

Bar 415 is super-hip dance club more likely to be found in New York than in a small Midwest cubbyhole. The dark and elegant venue...