VHS NITE 13: Possessed by Plants

Josh McManus 151 views

What is happening?!:

A mystery cult film is projected full volume on VHS format once a month usually the last Tuesday! Beats/visuals by host Haunted Gauntlet @ 7:30PM. Film starts @ 8PM SHARP.

There will be 2 rounds of VHS trivia during the film. Prizes include booze, VHS, Nite Owl swag and gift cards for the hardest questions/crossword!

VHS collectors & cult film videovores are encouraged to attend!

Not recommended for individuals with an aversion to horror/gore/nudity/fun!

Will there be specials?!:

40 oz Miller High Life

Wagyu corn dog will make it's return for VHS NITE only!

Can my child/child like friend come to this?!:

As always the bar is 21+ Free Admission


@niteowlomaha - www.niteowlomaha.com

@hauntedgauntlet - www.hauntedgauntlet.com

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