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Virgin Mary Pistol Grip is an Omaha, Nebraska based band with a name derived from an old spaghetti western film. Described as 3AM manic poetry put to music, VMPG fuses a 70's style rhythm section with early 90's riff driven guitars. Poignant and heartfelt lyrics touch on ever-present issues such as suicide and drunk driving, to the complexities of love.

The Monolithic are a rock/americana band from St. Louis, MO.

The Monolithic is a five-piece rock group with eclectic tastes and songs that range all over the place from straight-forward rock to blues to folk and many places in between.

GhostCat is the mental-offspring of front-man, Alex Erwin. Formed in April 2014, the band began as a trio (Alex Erwin, Cody Garwood, Steve Skog) and slowly grew into a five-piece with the additions of saxophonist, Matt Hacket and guitarist, Justin Yap.After bursting into the Sioux City music scene in July 2014, GhostCat recorded their debut seven song EP with Cathouse Studios in Sioux Falls, SD.

Down Under Lounge and Side Door Stage


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