Wallace Cunningham: reality < an idea


The original, site-specific exhibition, "Wallace Cunningham: reality < an idea" will be on display at KANEKO from Sept. 20, 2014 through Jan. 3, 2015.

Based in Southern California, Wallace Cunningham is an internationally recognized leader in architectural design. From small mountain cabins to urban townhouses, waterfront residences and museums, Cunningham's structures respond poetically and functionally to the land - and to the cityscapes in which they are set. His innovative and intuitive buildings fuse minimalist refinement with bold, clean shapes that are designed to enhance the beauty of the spaces his homes occupy. Cunningham's work reflects his belief that "buildings are not just visualthey need to radiate emotion."

"Wallace Cunningham: reality < an idea" transcends the practical limitations of architecture and captures the spirit of the creative process. This exhibition will showcase architecture unrestrained by reality. When erecting a building, one can never achieve the full idea or reach its true essence. Reality is always less than an idea.

This exhibit will present unrealized projects as fine art. Video projections, light and shadow will interact with and enhance the models to convey concepts of the built and unbuilt, cause and effect, ethereal, inspiration and intuition. The design philosophy of these works emphasizes the surrounding environment as a primary source of inspiration. Cunningham uses natural light throughout the work to define, fragment and animate space. Through exploring objects as integrated form and the effects of the environment, especially light and shadow, "reality < an idea" aims to elicit an emotional response. Open up a structure to sky, landscape and view, and the building becomes alive.

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