We Be Lions with Holy White Hounds, The End In Red, & Born On Leap Year

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Midwest Elite Concerts presents:

We Be Lions

w/ Holy White Hounds The End In Red & Born on Leap Year

Tickets $8


We Be Lions was formed in February 2010, to create what many believe to be a completely new and original sound that is built to both move your feet and bang your head at the same time. Fans can feed off of the dynamic vocals that range anywhere from your favorite hip hop to new age grunge, along-side a funk/rock, guitar/bass duo. From there, the music aims to allow a wide variety of listeners the chance to identify with the lyrics and the melody. The different musical tastes and influences that each member brings to the table helps create a one of a kind sound.

The first music to be released came on a 3 song EP that was given out for free. Later, a full length album (self-titled) was released in May of 2011. In late 2012 "Stray Cats EP" was released, composed of 4 songs and given out for free. The most recent album, titled "Fingerprint" was released in March 2014. The albums are for sale online through Amazon.com, iTunes, cdbaby.com, and through streaming websites such as Rhapsody and Spotify.

We Be Lions features Cody Fox on vocals, Kelvin "Beats" Brooks on drums, Ricky Szablowski on guitar and Jake Pirruccello on bass.

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