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We're back!!!

We're like a Myspace re-boot, only better.

Do you think you have the scene hair to make it to the top 8 of House of Loom's friends list wall? Join us for your favorite (or at least they were when you weren't with your friends) songs of your high school years.

Cut your wrists and black your eyes. If you forget your black eyeliner at home, we've got you covered with an eyeliner, hairspray, and teasing station. Borrow your sister's tight jeans, and wear all five of your studded belts. Swoop your hair, because we're going back to the days of music where life was so emotional that you just had to scream about it. It's xXtHrOwBaCkxThUrSdAyXx, anduhleaseislame, smoochiebaby06 and xXRockstaretteXx are bringing all of your favorite pop punk/emo/screamo/godcore/post hardcore jams for a night of drinking (unless you're edge), dancing and screaming [infidelities] the night away.

We'll be crowning a scene king and scene queen for the night, complete with crowns and a $15 bar tab for each winner, so be sure to go all out with your saddest/baddest/digital camera worthy looks from your teen years.

Another $15 tab will be awarded to the winner of the picking up change contest. Be sure to practice in front of your mirror a whole bunch, because you want to be sure you look tough.

PC 4 PC : this time we've got a photographer to catch your angles!

No cover!

Hosted by Chalis Bristol x Elise Schaefer x Jocelyn Wiser


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