You Had to Be There (Standup Comedy on Omegle!)

Sarah Cooper 780 views

Q: What is this?

A: You Had to Be There is a live standup comedy show where comedians perform on stage in front of a live audience as well as a random/live/interactive internet audience.

Q: Will there be nudity like on literally every other web chat service?

A: Nudity is a possibility, which is why this show is only for adults who can handle that sort of thing. If a naked person happens to show up on the screen, we'll make a joke about it and move on with our lives.

Q: Should I go?

A: If you like shared experiences that involve laughter and fun and don't mind watching unique shows where magical things happen, then you should definitely go. Omegle chats lead to interactions with diverse and interesting characters from all around the globe. You never know who will come on the screen next and that is hopefully not an innuendo.

The stories people walk away with after this show are often incredible and sometimes plain unbelievable. Whether it's a foster kid shredding Crazy Train, a Juggalo art show, or a freestyle rapper who whittles miniature coffins, the things you'll see on this show are guaranteed to surprise and amaze. If you find yourself having trouble conveying to your friends how crazy this show really is, remember just to tell them: You Had to Be There.

9PM | 21+ | FREE

Lookout Lounge

(402) 391-2554

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