Zakiyyah Iman Jackson (Assistant Professor of English, George Mason University

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"The Blackness of Space Between Matter and Meaning"

Responding to our topic for 2015/16--Are we really "post-human"?--Jackson will interrogate the now common appeals for movement beyond "the human" in diverse scholarly domains. Contra the beguiling appeal of the "beyond," Jackson will ask, "What and crucially whose conception of humanity are we moving beyond? Moreover, what is entailed in the very notion of a beyond?" Jackson will caution that appeals to move "beyond the human" may actually reintroduce the Eurocentric transcendentalism this movement purports to disrupt, particularly with regard to the historical and ongoing distributive ordering of race. Drawing on key figures in black feminism, queer studies, and Africana philosophy, Jackson will investigate the metaphysics of "the human" in order to explore the possibilities and limits of posthumanist, feminist new materialist, and object oriented approaches to ontology.

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