Zamorano Unzipped!! A Visual Experience

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Join us for an opening art show for one of South Omaha's top painter, muralist & graffiti writers, Hugo Zamorano.

► Music selections from host Michelle Troxclair.

► 5:30-8pm / All Ages / 1012 s. 10 st.

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Everyone is exposed to different cultures, sub-cultures, communities and ideas, at any given time, at any point in life. Many things lead to these exposures including where you live, who you live with, how you were raised, and the kind of life you currently live. My current work is sort of a documentation of the life through the eyes of a graffiti writer (me) and the issues and scenarios that the Writer comes across while being part of a culture (Latino), having a cultural heritage (Mexican-American), being part of a sub-culture (Graffiti Writing), and society in general. Not only are some of the issues and scenarios that I address drawn from personal experiences, but from being around different people from my community, and witnessing the different paths that are taken. -- Hugo Zamorano

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